Thoughts after a unsuccessful date when she kissed another guy.

Destroy me.
Destroy my life and everything around me.
Just blow up my mind, my head and myself.
Abuse my feelings: Doesn’t matter because I never become a happy man.
Live your life and let mine go, let me go.
Without you.

Forget me because I’m a fucking freak.
Someone likes me but no one loves me.
Now you’re happy. Without me. You don’t need me anymore.
Doesn’t matter because we don’t know each other.
Some evil thoughts in my head are making me crazy, making me mad and making me seeing in every beautiful girl the one and only fucking girl.

I hate myself, so please forget something like me!
Hate me! Forget me! Fuck you, love. You hate me and I hate you, you fucking feeling.

9.11.10 23:49

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